Balance-O-Matic 2.0

The Balance-O-Matic System from Greiner Vibrograf has been completely updated. As before, the tried and tested fine- and micro-mechanics are the mainstay of the entire system. The latest electronic system and programming lend the system unique application features.

The Balance-O-Matic revolutionises the poising of balance wheels. Something that previously had to be done manually by expensive specialists, and that still is to some extent today, can now be handled by the Balance-O-Matic 2.0. Using it, it is possible to carry out the crucial operation involved in the correction of positional error fully automatically. The time required to carry out this delicate work is reduced to a fraction, therefore drastically reducing the costs involved. This makes production more consistent and consequently substantially more reliable.

The customer can also have his «old system» converted by Greiner Vibrograf.

The new performance features are as follows:
- Short changeover time, thanks to the simplified and quick calibre change
- All control processes take place via an integrated PC
- Checking the balance wheel and milling operations on the screen via a video link
- Optimised operation for balance wheels with screws
- Automatic calculation of the maximum balance point that can be milled
- Storage of all parameters, as well as data of different balance wheels
- Each milling operation is automatically saved to an Excel file
- Supplementary function to declassify balance wheels according to the classification
  sizes used

Technical data:
Production capacity: approx. 350 pieces / hour
Balance wheel diameter: min. 5.45 mm to max. 15 mm
Power supply: 230 VAC / 50 Hz;
Power: 700 VA
Dimensions: W 1140 x D 930 x H 1050 mm
Weight: 250 kg